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This article is about “ I hate Terrorism “ (Islamic Ottawa Hindustan bachav)

All Islamic Muslims had come from Arabic country to Hindustan before independence for Business purpose Same way, Britishers also came to Hindustan for Business purpose . once Britishers finished their Business Before living the Hindustan , Britishers took & went all the valuable things from Hindustan & Made our Shreshta Akhand Bharat into many pieces . because Britishers had a pre-plan to rule our Hindustan in the Future. That is the reason currently most of the Hindus poor innocent peoples are getting converted to Christianity.

But still now Islamic Muslims did not go away from Hindustan. because our old generation people was very Good persons like (Mahatma Gandhi) . Islamic Muslims took as an advantage & stayed back in Hindustan only. During independence period Sardar Vallabhai Patel told Mahatma Gandhi not to Allow Islamic Muslims, they are sycho danger animals But Mahatma Gandhi thought Islamic Muslims as poor people. Gandhi made a mistake & allowed Islamic to Stay in Hindustan. But currently,They are turned back as Suicide terrorists.

Currently Islamic Muslims are getting revert back towards Hindustan . because Same as it is like Britishers , Islamic Muslims also had a pre-plan to rule our Hindustan in the Future as Islamic country. That is the reason currently most of the Hindu poor innocent peoples are getting converted to Muslims Ex : They have chosen Love Jihad as one of the route to convert into Muslims. Proofs : Bollywood movie Actress , Sports mens

Ex: Daud ibrahim took birth in Hindustan Maharashtra , earned his illegal savings from Hindustan, but he is currently staying in terrorist country Pakistan , Now Daud ibrahim is Against to Hindustan now he is one of the noted criminal terrorist to Hindustan. that is why Islamic Muslims are selfish suicide terrorist .

All Islamic Muslims does not have humanity. They are selfish. Now Muslims are not a man only Suicide terrorists, & sycho danger animals . Please treat this message as a very serious issue .

Inside the Islamic Muslims persons brain they only have Quran. ( image attached regarding the quran ) they do not have humanity, they are only Suicide terrorists, & sycho danger animals.

Islamic muslims had a pre – plan to convert hindustan hindus as islamic muslims Ex : Targeted old generation Jawaharlal Nehru Daughter Indira & Feroze Khan Love Jihad .

This plan had got failure because Nehru did not agree Islamic muslim Feroze khan to get marry with Hindustan Hindu Indira. That is the reason, Mahatma Gandhi heired Feroz khan as his Son , From then onwards Feroze khan name was changed as Feroze Gandhi. After the Marriage of Indira & Feroze Gandhi . Indira name was changed as Indira Gandhi. This is an miracle Story in our Hindustan History because Nehru family Indira had became as Gandhi Family.

After the marriage of Feroze Gandhi & Indira Gandhi , After some years, Feroze Gandhi forced Indira Gandhi to get converted to Islamic Muslims , Feroze Gandhi got Failed & died , This is the real History.

Indira Gandhi had two sons Rajiv Gandhi & Sanjay Gandhi.

Same way Britisher Christians had a pre – plan to convert hindustan hindus as Britishers Christians.

Ex : Targeted Indira Gandhi Son Rajiv Gandhi & Sonia . Love Jihad After the love Marrige of Sonia & Rajiv Gandhi From Then onwards Sonia name was changed as Sonia Gandhi. Then only Sonia got the citizenship of India. Sonia Gandhi forced Rajiv Gandhi to get converted to Britishers Christians, Sonia Gandhi got failure , These past days Italy British Government was ruling our India This is an miracle Story in our Hindustan History.

Indira Gandhi 2nd Son Sanjay Gandhi loved a Indian girl Menaka Gandhi. she was from middle family indira Gandhi don’t like Middle family & poor Family because that may damage her prestige in society , That is why Sanjay Gandhi Had died in Flight Accident , After Sanjay Gandhi death , Indira Gandhi forced Menaka Gandhi to get out from her house . Currently Menaka Gandhi is out from Gandhi Family . This is an miracle Story in our Hindustan History.

Same way Britishers Christians had a pre – plan to convert hindustan hindus as Britishers Christians.

Ex : Targeted Sonia Gandhi daughter Priyanka Gandhi & Robert vadra . Love Jihad After the love marrige of Priyanka Gandhi & Robert vadra From Then onwards Robert vadra name was changed as Robert vadra Gandhi. Robert vadra got success & entered Indira Gandhi richest family , currently Robert vadra is also richest Businessman in India. and also Sonia Gandhi had a pre – plan to make Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India. If Rahul Gandhi would have become a Prime Minister he had a pre - plan to get marry a British Christians girl , But unfortunately it Got Failure .

Also another Ex: From the day Indira Gandhi & Firoz Khan Love Jihad had started Before independence, but still now the Love Jihad is not yet stopped in Hindustan. Currently Love Jihad has increased from Approx 12,000 to lakhs together in Hindustan hindus. This is the right time to end up this , or else Hindustan Hindus may revert back to Islamic Muslims in the Future generation...

Not only present but from past 500 to 1000 years ago Britishers & Islamic Muslims had a pre-plan to rule our Hindustan, That is the reason they are increasing the religion counts day by day. Previous Government was selfish did not take action regarding this issue, and also government supported & gave the security for muslims & christians . every one were in their own commitments to earn their money & keep the savings in out of countries, & developing their own family but not Hindustan ,

Every state has a muslims ministers to Support muslims

Same way every state has a Christians ministers to Support Christians.

For this reason only muslims & Christians majority is getting increased day by day.

Islamic arabic country sponsoring money lakhs & crores together to muslim peoples in india , if they convert persons to muslims religion

Same Way Britishers country is also sponsoring money lakhs & crores together to christians peoples in india , if they convert persons to christians religion

Just Think which country Should sponsor money to save our Hindustan Hindus ?

Why Should we give , Why should we take ?

Hindustan Hindus are not Beggars , From the Day one Before 21st century itself & now also Hindustan is the richest country.

During our old Generation britishers had took all valuable things & some properties was occupied by Islamic country , But rest of property is currently under the previous central & state politics. We Should get back the same & also black money , red money From other countries. And also black money earned through real estate , industries , Business etc in India ( 10 times higher than other countries)

Once we revert back all this, Our Hindustan will be the No.1 Richest Country in the World

India has got the independence before 68 years, But Still now Hindustan hindus did not get independence.

If we refuse Muslims to stay in Hindustan.They have islamic Muslim country to Stay, if we refuse Christians to stay in Hindustan, They have British Christians country to Stay,

But Where as our Hindustan Hindus has only one Country to Stay that is Hindustan This is our Country.

Before 21st Century during the period of Ramayana Rama, Mahabharata Krishna, & our old generation. There was no muslims & Christians in Hindustan country. Just Think about the Past Sreshta Akhand Bharat & Think about the present Hindustan ( Because of Muslims & Christians only our Sreshta Akand Bharat is divided into many pieces )

So, Why don't all our Hindustan Hindus Religion & all Hindus organisation people join together to get back our Sreshta Akhand Bharat for our future generation? Same as it is like Rama Rajyam.

We should make sure that our new future generation don’t face any Kind of problems as like the problems faced by our old generation (before independence) sacrificed many lifes & also our current generation

If there is a partiality among our Hindustan Hindus people , There will a chance for the third party to rule our Hindustan Hindus .

We are into 21st Century, We Should be clever in saving our Hindistan & We Should not be innocents & sacrifice minded like our old Generation.

Don't allow State politics in Hindustan ( ex : Jharkhand, Telangana etc , Currently one of the politician in Karnataka is trying to Divide the State into 2 parts ) Already You know the Current Situation of all these 3 States. In Hindustan all states are one , all languages peoples are one, If this partiality is not there in our Hindustan Hindus we will increase our Desha Bhakthi towards Bharatha Matha.

Past 60 years government was leading in state wise casteism vote politics. In central & state there was no ministers to support our Hindustan hindus .

If you Continue this same in future generation,The rich persons will earn the money and convert into dollars finally he gets settled in Abroad Countries ,The poor man always remains as poor

Our India new future generation is that we will go back to 1940's and it will be worster situation than before getting independence

The Britishers & Islamic countries is waiting for this situation to recapture india. Then we will go back to days before independent, it means 75 years back.

For the First time all religions hindustan Hindu public has been chosen central Government india, We should not miss the golden opportunity to get the things in place. Same way all the States should get the Same Government to save our Hindustan Hindus ?

But Now without casteism The Right Government has come to save our future generation development ,

only RSS & BJP will save our Hindustan Hindus & also RSS & BJP has a dream To make our India as a No.1 Richest country in the World . & change our India name as Hindustan.

I am a citizen of India,Take step ahead to (Muslims & Christians Mukt shreshta akhand bharat).

please ask family members, relatives and friends to give a missed call to Toll free number 18002662020 to join the BJP chalo chale modi ke saath all over india also over the world

Example actually , In all over the world before 21st Century There was only one religion i.e Hindustan Hindus

Ex : Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Japan, Australia etc & all nearby countries has ancient Hindu temples (1000 years ago).

Currently Everyone is thinking about the present . But no one has the patience to think about the Past 21st Century.

Please treat this message as very important to get immediate effect. Save our Sreshta Akand Bharat.

This will Show How Indians are richest in terms of money & also how much of Desha Bhakthi we have on our Bharatha Matha. ( Regarding this No Compromise or no negotiation )

I hate Terrorism because Indians are having Unlimited talent, But unable to live a peaceful life in Hindustan hindus same as it is like the old Generation Rama Rajya.

This is the right time to Show our Hindustan all religions Hindus power to Islamic Muslims...

1) Don't keep Friendships with Muslims 2) Don't keep relationship with Muslims 3) Don't do any kind of business transactions with Muslims Ex: Agriculture, Hardware , Software , Shopping centers, Industries , Travels etc 4) Don't Buy & sell any type of products from Muslims Ex : Vegetables, Fruits , Provision , Chicken , Mutton Soft drinks, Cool Drinks, Clothes, Shoes, household items , Mobiles, Laptops , Computers etc

5) Don't Buy Sell Rent & lease any kind of Properties with Muslims Ex : Residential, Commercial , Warehouse etc 6) Don't journey from any of Muslims travels Ex : Auto , Car , Bus , Flight etc 7) Don't drink & eat in Muslims Restaurants & Hotels etc Ex : Coffee , Tea, Snacks, Tiffin , Lunch, Dinner 8) Don’t watch any Muslims actor/actress movies tele serials etc 9) Don't Buy any type of telemarketing, products TV Advertisement from Muslims actor Ex : Soft drinks, Cool Drinks, Clothes, Shoes, household items , Mobiles, Laptops , Computers etc.

10) Don't Work in Muslims company & Don't recruit any Muslims staffs to Hindus company Ex : Agriculture, Hardware , Software , Shopping centers, Industries , Travels etc 11) Don’t purchase & use any Islamic Arabic word products Ex : Fruits , Provision , Chicken , Mutton, Soft drinks, Cool Drinks, Clothes, Shoes, household items , Mobiles, Laptops , Computers etc 12) Don't Join your Childrens in any islamic Schools/colleges, because instead of teaching Sylabus Chapters , They Will brainwash your Children & teach their Islamic Quran.

13) Don't do any money transactions with Islamic Muslims because they will have illegal Pakistan duplicate currency Notes. If We use it, It Seems to be we are Cheating to Hindustan RBI.

14) This is Hindustan country, we are using only four languages in our Hindustan Country

Ex: 1) State Language - Kannada 2) National Language - Hindi 3) International Language – English , 4) Hindustan Culture Language -Sanskrit . Except this, don’t accept any of languages in our Hindustan Country Ex: Islamic Newspapers , speech, boards , banners , flags etc. Tear & Throw If you find any where near by your Houses , roads , Schools, temples etc . & also avoid any type of Illegal activities with Islamic Muslims...

The reason isIamic Muslims official people are very lesser in counts compare to the unofficial Muslims people are very more , 95% of Muslims is not paying Taxes to Government by earning illegally , But they are in 1st place in using Hindustan government facilities. But Where as being our own Hindustan country , We are backwards in using Hindustan government facilities. Ex:, Slum board sites, Slum board houses, Ration card , Aadhar Card , Voter Id & Bank loan Facilities.

IsIamic Muslims are in 1st place using all the above Hindustan government facilities , But they are not following all the law & orders , They are always against to the Hindustan Government.

But past Hindustan Government had encouraged IsIamic Muslims & provided all the facilities assuming they are poor people, But now they are not poor people , IsIamic Muslims are No.1 Suicide Terrorist .

If you have any doubts about the message , please watch the below youtube link with patience on your convenient time. Save our Sreshta Akand Bharat.

India-Pakistan partition 1947 Youtube video link :

mumbai terror attack Youtube video link :

Islamic Muslim speech Youtube video link :

Hindustan Hindus speech Youtube video link :

Britishers problems Youtube video link : Published on Dec 7, 2013 Must watch.Even You have Not Read this Truth In Your History Book. Real history of INDIAN independence by Rajiv Dixit :

Christians problems Youtube video link : Published on Nov 10, 2012 Everyone must watch. how the Indian government is controlled by christian lobby. in this video DR.Rajiv dixit explaining VAT,Taxation System in India.

Kashmir problems Youtube video link : Published on Mar 16, 2012 Sri Rajiv Dixit & Swami Ramdev Ji on Bharat Ki Aetihaasik Bhoolen - Bharat Swabhiman Andola

Our Hindustan 1st PM ( Jawaharlal Nehru ) History Youtube Video link Published on Mar 12, 2014 Untold Truth About Nehru And independence of india.Every Indian Must watch. Exposed By Rajiv Dixit

Share & Forward this message & Attached Photos Youtube video link Through numbers of Xerox copies to your Friends , family relations & also each & every Hindustan Hindus in all the village town city in india also over the World otherwise we will face a lot of problems in our future generation.

Moral of this above Article is the Past & Present situation of our Hindustan , Please join your hands to stop terrorism , terrorist may Stay with you, nearest to your place ,You Will not come to know , If you Doubt any such person , Immediately take help from the public attack them grouply , & Dial 100 police emergency service Or handover the terrorist person to your nearest police station.

We can't depend on police deparment all the time , We ourself should come forward to help our police Department

Doing this way, It shows the respect given towards our Bharat Mata, & also This will Help our new future generation to live a peaceful life in Hindustan .

Please don’t Mind , I am Sharing This article as a common man to show my Desh Bhakti towards Hindustan , I am Not a politician to point out any religion or organization , If any one is hurted through this Article , I am Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Bharath mata ki Jai